7 Key Steps to Merchandising Your Home

1. Uncluttered—your home will be neater and will appear larger. You want to convey a spacious feeling to prospective buyers. Chances are, they’re moving because they need more space.

2. Clean—this creates the impression your home has been well cared for. Fresh paint and a good scrubbing give surfaces a fresh look inside and out.

3. Repaired—fix it before the buyer sees it. The need for repairs, even minor repairs can make or break a sale.

4. Neutral—get rid of distracting colors, textures and personal accessories. Neutral colors and simple décor helps prospective buyers visualize their belongings in your home.

5. Fresh—from the moment a prospect walks in, your home needs to look fresh and smell fresh. Fresh flowers on the table or in the bathroom, a bowl of fresh fruit on the kitchen counter, or the smell of fresh bread baking in the oven, all make your home more inviting to the buyer’s senses. Eliminate pet odors; pet odors are one of the top reasons that prospective buyers have turned away.

6. Trimmed—the yard is the first impression any buyer has of your home. Shrubs and lawn need to be kept trimmed and tidy.

7. Ready—you need to be prepared for a “showing” with a minimum of notice. Stay ahead of the game. Remember, each “showing” is critical because we don’t know which one will be your buyer.

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