How to Order a Credit Report

There are three main ways to order your free credit report.  If you are buying as a couple, you will each need to order your own report.

1. Order online at

2. Order by telephone by calling Annual Credit Request Service at 877-322-8228

3. Fill out a request form from www.annualcreditreport.comand mail it to Annual Credit Report Request Service at the appropriate address specified on the website. Typical processing time is two to three weeks.

If you want to order a report with a credit score, or if you want to order another report within a twelve-month period, contact each credit bureau directly or visit to order all three reports with scores at once.







Reviewing Your Credit Report

  • Once you receive your credit report, ask yourself;
  • Is my personal address information correct?
  • Is my name spelled correctly?
  • Are my social security number and date of birth correct?
  • Are the balances on the accounts accurate?
  • Are any accounts listed that I didn’t open or that I don’t know about?
  • Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the country. Are any accounts that I’ve closed still listed as open? Cutting up a credit card doesn’t re-move the account from your credit history.
  • Are any negatives reported that I can potentially remedy? For example, you can completely pay off a past creditor.
  • Have any unauthorized credit inquires been run in the past twelve months? You should have authorized any inquires, with the exception of those from credit card companies that send out pre-approval notices.
  • Is anything incorrect listed in the public records section, like liens or bankruptcies? You’ll need to contact each credit bureau to remove any inaccuracies in your report.

Information You Need to Be Pre-Approved Loan Application Checklist

Before you can get pre-approved or have your loan application approved, you must provide information and/or some documentation; the information is then verified by the lender be-fore the pre-approval/approval is given. Individual lenders may have varying requirements, but the following list will give you a basic idea of what will be needed to help you prepare.

  • Address of residences for past two years
  • Bank names, addresses, and account numbers for all checking/savings accounts (statements for the previous three months may be required)
  • Copy of gift letter if receiving down-payment money as a gift
  • Copy of tax returns for two years (typically for self-employed only)
  • Current balance sheet and year-to-date profit and loss statement (for self-employed only)
  • Divorce decree (if applicable)
  • Documentation of other income (alimony, child support, etc.)
  • IRS Form 4506 or Form 8821 (these will allow the IRS to release confidential tax informa-tion to the lender; these forms are not required in every instance)
  • Job history (employers/addresses/phone numbers) for previous two years
  • Letter of explanation (with documentation) for credit delinquency
  • List of all assets, including make, model, year, and current value of automobiles owned
  • Most recent statements for 401K, mutual funds, and money market accounts
  • Names, addresses, account numbers, and balances of debts
  • Original Certificate of Eligibility and DD214 (for VA loan only)
  • Pay stubs for the last thirty days
  • Previous bankruptcy discharge papers (if applicable)
  • Proof of bonuses for two years (if applicable)
  • Proof of identity (driver’s license/social security card)
  • Proof of residency, such as green card/work or visa permit (for non US citizens only)
  • Transcript (if you were a student within the past two years)
  • W-2’s for the past two years

After you’ve found a home (for loan application)

Copy of sales and purchase agreement

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