Where Does Money Come From?

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Where does money come from?

No, this isn’t a ridiculous question. And yes, I am talking about real estate transactions. “Who pays what?” and “How can I save money?” are both common questions. The questions are the same for buyers and sellers, but the answers are different. It is important to understand that it is customary in our market that all money for the marketing fee/commission comes from the seller in the transaction. So whatever the commission that is agreed upon, that amount is typically shared four ways; listing agent & their company and selling/buyer agent and their company. In representing a seller, I have a fiduciary or financial responsibility to ‘look after’ their money, both with selling price and negotiated terms. Likewise for the buyer, I advocate for their best financial outcome. It is important to work for my clients in the listing and selling of homes in the most respectful way. The goal is sitting down at the closing table with all parties feeling successful in meeting their goals.

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