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I am taking a break from my feature on the 7 Deadly Sins of Real Estate to talk about an important topic.  Volunteering, service, sharing your expertise…what ever you call it, everyday individuals give their time for nothing.  Volunteering makes us a better community and a stronger one.  Perhaps you have followed Matthew Tully’s articles and series in the Indianapolis Star about Indianapolis Public Schools and focus on Manuel High School.  What  eye-opening journalism and call to all of us to lend a hand, whether as individuals or as a community!  I encourage you to take advantage of good weather to give to someone else, or a cause.  My sister got me and my family involved in a donation of healthy breast tissue for breast cancer research conducted by the Susan Komen Foundation last year.  My three sisters and mother came over from Terre Haute and we all donated breast tissue.  We went out to lunch afterward.  My sister had read about the concern that only cells from cancer patients had been available and no research had been done about those who had not been touched by breast cancer.  Perhaps our few cells won’t reveal great results but we contributed to a new avenue of hope and learning.  I encourage you to Vote on May 4th but volunteering at the polls is another great way to support our communities.  You can volunteer for a half day, if you think the 6AM-6PM is too much for you.  Just be open and respond where you see the need.  Offering a hand to another goes a long way to building a better community for us all to live in.  REMEMBER: We are all in this together!

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