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Spring brings that particular color of green into our world that only nature can provide! It is one of my favorite parts of our transition from winter. The smell of the earth awakening and the glory of the sunshine are more than welcome as the winter fades. The challenging part is seeing all the trash that shows as the mounds of snow melts and looking through my dirty windshield at the glare rather than the beauty of the sun. Most importantly, welcome spring! Snow drops, crocus, daffodils are a delight to see as the season unfolds.

My back sustained itself after more than a few days of shoveling driveways of empty houses as I showed them to buyers. Also, I had to keep my own listings clear of all that snow if homeowners were absent. Looking forward, spring brings back all of that new life and the market is bringing all activities of housing into full swing. Countdown to April 30th is also underway as the First Time Buyer Clock is ticking. All first time buyers must be under contract by April 30th (and closed by June 30th). It seems like I can hear the tick-tick-tick as sellers list their homes to take advantage of the opportunities of motivated first timers and the buyers rush to accommodate. Sellers have their own incentive of $6500 for selling and buying. Both of these credits come with qualifications. There is a seasonal cycle to real estate, but it is amazing that there isn’t as much fluctuation as you would think. Buying and selling happens all the time, regardless of the month or holiday. Couples marry, babies are born, children grow, and transfers happen…to name a few of the life events that bring buyers and sellers into the market place for real estate.

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