The Veteran in Your Life!

I made the request in October for a reader to call in with a story to share of a Veteran in their life, in honor of all Veterans for the November Veterans Day Celebration that was arriving soon. I am amazed at how this segment unfolded, as you will see from the story by Dan Riordan of his Father, Robert Riordan! Dan called me to share the story and claim his $20 gift card (his choice was a Kroger card) and scheduled our meeting, that turned out to be two hours. Dan shared that he is the 8th of 9 children of his parents, Robert and Dorothy Riordan and grew up in South Bend, IN. His Father was born in 1895 in Wisconsin. Robert attended Notre Dame and met Dorothy who was attending summer school to finish up her teaching degree. Their relationship blossomed and they were married. During their marriage, World War I arose and Robert enlisted. After the war, Robert was employed at Notre Dame and became the first layman to hold the position of Registrar. Peace was good, but Robert loved his country and stayed involved in military life. The Riordan Family grew! Dan was born in 1937. Unbelievably, World War II erupted for the US with the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Robert once again served his country. He
was on active duty until the end of the war in 1945. After the defeat of Japan, the US led the Allies in the occupation and rehabilitation of the country of Japan. US General Douglas MacArthur lead the Allies efforts and directed the process that continued until 1952. Robert Riordan was part of the effort in Japan that General MacArthur directed! Robert served until illness overcame him. He returned home and died in 1946, likely of malaria, which would not happen today. What an amazing story of Love of his Country! To have served in two World Wars! And in telling me the story, it was very apparent that Dan greatly admired his Father and was proud of him. It was a delightful two hours spent and much iced tea was consumed at Dan’s kitchen table. Dan also shared that he was just 8 years old when his Father died, and that his mother supported the family with her teaching positions, first in Catholic schools
and later in Public schools. Another great story!

I really enjoyed learning about Robert Riordan and his faithful service to our country. An amazing man who sacrificed to serve so that we might be free! I am grateful to Dan for sharing his family Hero with all of us.

Also, after the lovely afternoon I spent with Dan in early November, he became ill. Daniel Riordan died on January 23, 2016. He was a good and kind man. He clearly loved his family.

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