The 7 Deadly Sins of Real Estate #4

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Heeding Advice…NOT!  One of the spiritual works of mercy is teaching the ignorant.  I do not call people names nor do I assume that I am exempt from the behaviors I write about in this column.  The metaphor of sin is merely metaphor and a enumeration of  issues that come up in the process of listing and selling homes.  I share these for the sake of experience and learning.

Heeding Advice is different than listening, which I wrote abut previously.  Heeding Advice implies or expects a response or action.  A premise of Merchandising a Home is “seeing it through the eyes of a buyer.”  We cannot see our home from a neutral perspective.  We know what we like and what we are comfortable with in our own home.

I always preface my initial walk through with the disclaimer, “I am not commenting on you or your lifestyle.  I need to help you prepare for the buyers.”  But that isn’t always easy to be on the receiving end of such comments.  It is important to be clean, neat and smell good.  Not toooooooo perfumey as though you are hiding something.  If you have throw rugs, hearth rugs, etc…and a buyer pulls it aside and sees a big stain, they wonder what else the seller is hiding.  Be upfront and forthright about disclosing information and concerns OR better yet, take care of all or any of things ahead of time.  A pre-sale home inspection is one way but most of us know that there are areas that we have always meant to do or take care of but never got around to it.

Heeding Advice of your professional Realtor® is for your benefit in helping you to accomplish your goal of selling your home.

*Remember that this series, “The 7 Deadly Sins of Real Estate” is a casual take-off of the Seven Deadly Sins of Life.  This series is meant to be a light-hearted, education commentary.  It is not intended for moral teaching.

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