The 7 Deadly Sins of Real Estate #3

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In an ongoing series about the challenges of real estate, I have used the Seven Deadly Sins to name these challenges and offer suggestions about how to help yourself in the process of buying and selling of a property or your home.  In this column, we visit deadly sin #3, “Communication or the lack of…:

Statisticians love to conduct surveys, seeking our opinions and analyzing information.  Then comes the generalizations from the specific information gathered.  When surveyed, homeowners most often criticized realtors for their poor communications skills.  This is the number one criticism no matter what the survey or when the question was asked.  The typical response from the consumer about their experience with a realtor is, “They never call me back!”

Communication is about responsiveness, the ability to both take in information and give information.  Answers to questions, contacts for reliable vendors and contractors, acting as the bridge person for making everything work to get the task done…that is what a good and thorough realtor does to get the transaction closed, which is the goal for both buyer and seller.  Another important aspect of communication is relaying BAD news.  Many of us would rather just avoid it all together than deliver bad news.  Disappointing others, struggling with the correct words, separating out the emotion from the facts are all aspects of why no one likes to deliver bad news.  But it is important to be honest and  trusthworthy as a professional.  A client puts their trust in a realtor.  A realtor is to follow our code of ethics, which consist of Care, Obedience, Loyalty, Disclosure, Accounting and Confidentiality.  Disclosure is defined as “an agent is duty-bound to inform the principal of certain relevant facts concerning the transaction, particularly those mandated by state law.”  Continuing Education classes, which are mandated by state law, require that the code of ethics be taught every two years.  Isn’t it just common sense that communication is important in any relationship, and essential in a working relationship between clients and their professional realtor.

It is also essential that the client be forthcoming with information that is relevant to listing or buying a property.  Good communication is a two way street!

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