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♫♫ “Summer Time and the Living is Easy” ♫♫ sings Porgy in the famous American opera, Porgy and Bess, by Leonard Bernstein. I’m not so sure we would all agree about the easy part—Midwestern storms, floods, damage to trees, homes, vehicles…and then the economy and environment remain huge concerns. But on a hopeful, positive note, the market continues to grow as home sales pick up over the summer months with school out, relocations and folks moving up and others downsizing. It is all good and a positive sign that the economy is ‘working’ to correct itself and push through the challenges. Housing remains an economic indicator. I wish I had a crystal ball to be able to see what will happen with the economy, but I don’t. Perhaps just as well…we all need to work to do our best and remain hopeful and confident. “We can do it”, said Rosie the Riveter, the character created during WWII to inspire women to do men’s work as the men went to war. I recently heard someone speak about American’s need to be our confident ‘can-do’ selves to get our economy back on track. We cannot give away all of our power or waste our energy on being negative.

Homes are put on the market and are bought and sold each day. It is important to remain vigilant and focused in the marketing of a property. Competition is what every home listed brings to another in the market place. One home will become the ‘winner’ when the one buyer steps forward, makes the offer and the result is that all parties sit down for the closing. That is a win-win and a happy event.

So keep vigilant, preparing and working on your home before and during the marketing, listen and ask questions of your real estate professional. Developing rapport and good communication are essentials in working together to realize your goal of either selling or buying.

Be positive. Realize that WORK is involved. Select your real estate professional that you feel confident in and who is competent for your values and needs. Together We Can Make it Happen!

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