Noteworthy: Sharing a few family highlights with all of you

My 18 year old nephew Spencer just completed and graduated with honors from the Air Force Basic Training at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas! I am so proud of him! He is following in his Father’s footsteps. My brother James went to the Marines after high school. After his service, he graduated college and has recently retired from 26 years in the Air Force Reserves, which included a one year tour in Afghanistan!

I appreciate all of our Armed Services Forces who work to prepare and protect us every day. Patriotism is not a part time job.

This is a great lead into my next topic… sure you are REGISTERED TO VOTE! Election Day is rapidly approaching, though it is the longest election cycle ever! In working the election polls for years, presidential elections are sometimes the most frustrating. Being a poll worker is all about helping voters VOTE! When someone shows up to vote and they haven’t voted since the previous presidential election, maybe having moved in the interim or previously voting a provisional ballot or whatever the circumstances and they are not on the poll book and are turned away, it is the WORST! Please check your registration. If you have moved, verify your precinct assigned polling place. The deadline for registration is October 8, 2016.

How much I appreciate your referrals, hearing from you, and updates on you and your families, pictures of your children, celebrations and even the hardships! We are all in this together so I am happy to share in your lives! I will be celebrating four young couples who will be marrying in October! So happy for them!

So register to vote! Verify your registration! Learn your precinct polling site! Keep in touch!

All the best from me to YOU!

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