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If you have seen any real estate news lately, it speaks about the increase in pended properties. Good news! I have been so pleased with the amount of traffic that is coming to my listings, along with offers and negotiations, pendings, sales closed. But not everyone is feeling so pleased or having this experience. Whether you are buying or selling…it comes down to two factors…PRICE and CONDITION! Today’s buyers come to your home with high expectations of your home and you as seller. They expect a lot all the way around. Today’s sellers are hopeful in that they know their homes are in a competition for buyers in the market place. Sellers also learn what today’s buyers want. It can be an emotional rollercoaster as a seller because first you prepare your home, then have prospects come through in open houses and showings, then wait for an offer or offers, then negotiate. How do you feel like you have any control over anything in the process? Negotiations in an ideal world give something to everyone and takes compromise on both sides. How does your realtor help you? The most important part of an offer is turning it into THE offer and getting the process moving forward to the closing table. Losing an offer is a painful experience. I will be there to help you every step of the way. COMMUNICATION is a realtor’s best friend and often biggest challenge.

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