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Talking about the weather is so boring!  But the weather is so oppressively, record-setting HOT, that I cannot ignore it!  After that is said, we all need to go on with our lives and follow the safety precautions of plenty of fluids, not doing outdoors strenuous activities during the heat of the day, saving water for the firefighters and relieving pressure on our antiquated water mains, etc…  Heed the Heat!

It has been a very busy few months with houses selling well and a brisk pace of listings moving to closing.  I am happy for my buyers and sellers alike.  It isn’t always a fast process but being both steadfast and attentive to listings really helps the process.  I have received two calls this past week from sellers who have their homes listed with other realtors.  They want to know my opinion of the job their realtors are doing and what, if anything, I could do differently.  Being under contract with another realtor means you are their client.  I can respond to questions but really encourage sellers and buyers to work with their chosen realtor.  But what does it tell me that someone calls me to ask for advice?  The seller isn’t happy with the service they are receiving and not happy that their home has not sold.  Just a few observations from reviewing listings:  Photos are critical, number, quality, focus on features, updating photos on listing.  Details on the property are paramount for relaying the uniqueness of the property.  Our MIBOR (Metropolitan Indianapolis Board of Realtors) allows 24 photos per listing and numerous detail options for each home as well as written directions, property description and agent to agent remarks.  These are a realtor’s opportunity to make your home stand out from all the others.

So if you know someone who is not happy with their realtor, you might share this newsletter to arm them with questions and talking points for their agent.  Being a realtor is hard work but doing a good job for our clients is what good realtors do!  I want to earn your business and that of your friends and family.

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