New year! New logo!

I would love the opportunity to be the KEY to your success in any real estate transaction, any questions or inquiries about properties, your neighborhood, what a particular home sold for….there is no end to the topic of real estate and everyone seems to enjoy talking about it!  I ask for the opportunity! I appreciate all those who keep me at the top of their mind when someone brings up real estate!  Their quick response of, “Give Alice a call!” is greatly appreciated and I work hard to make your referral reflect well on you and me.  THANK YOU!

We find ourselves in the midst of interesting times as a country.  What is happening with the economy and economic forecasts for 2017 seem to be BIG news discussions!  Interest rates? Job growth? Spending and the budget?  US policy changes?  So much is up in the air and the impact is being discussed with much speculation….so what to do?!
My plan is simple.  I commit to doing good work, continually staying informed and serving others!  We all have our sphere of influence and I work to be positive toward my work, the people I meet and those whom I serve and serve me!  What commitment do you make for 2017?  Perhaps a new year resolution or perhaps just being thoughtful about how you live.  Please share you thoughts…..any plan for change or commitment from yourself. I look forward to hearing from you!
All the best and as always, I LOVE hearing from you.❤❤❤

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