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Out and about in Indianapolis is a fun adventure of discovery and recollection and delight in both.  I love finding new places or going to an area after reading about it. Not huge destinations but fun and easy ways to get to know our city better, encourage local merchants and learn the nooks and crannies of who we are and what we do as Hoosiers who reside in our state capitol and surrounding areas.

In February, I wanted to do something fun with my daughter who lives in the city.  We went to a tea room in Irvington.  It was delightful to sit at a table for six, meet new people and have wonderful treats.  Florist, Miranda Marsico has opened the tea shop to accompany her blooming business.  She also has wares from local artists, vintage house wares and other interesting things to purchase.

Later this spring, I attend the open house of the new home Of Indiana Landmarks, formerly The Old Centrum, a hundred some year old church that had been mothballed.  Thank you to Bill Cook, may he rest in peace, Indiana philanthropist for his investment and contribution to the restoration!  Now both our state historic preservation society has a new home and Indianapolis has a new venue for cultural and social events.  I loved the fireplaces, one each in the brides’ and groom’s rooms and about the rest of the building.  The Bill Cook Auditorium is lovely, reminding me of the interior of a ship with wooden, narrow bead boarding.  It was also fun to see different people from my church, my oldest daughter’s  Girl Scout leader, and a few clients.  It was a really spectacular day!

Memorial Day is very focused in our city on the Indianapolis 500 and it is interesting and fun to read about all the celebrations and celebrityies around for the race and the month of May.  While it isn’t my favorite thing, I tto put little checkered flags in flower pots, love to see “Welcome Race Fans” banners hanging about the neighborhood yards and love the parade!  But I always take peonies to the cemetery on the Southside to decorate family graves, pull weeds and clean their stones.  It is a thoughtful occasion to remember our loved ones and also the memory of those who died protecting us and our country.

Now…real estate!!!  How is business?  How are you doing?  The market is flat, right?  The market is getting better, right?  These are questions and comments that I receive daily.  Just as I spoke of our city in the earlier paragraph, and its neighborhoods, nooks and crannies, so is real estate both local and location driven.  The old adage, “location, location, location”  is the strongest factor.  Everything is selling.  I have had a strong year so far but that strength happens with two factors to qualify it.  Condition of property and seller concessions are the two greatest factors with the most impact on the selling of real estate at the present time.  The market is very sensitive to everything from Wall Street to the individual buyer.  Short sales, bank owned and HUD owned properties press on the average home owner.  But these ‘distressed’ properties have improved in quality and price over the years, making them even greater competition to the average seller.

So what can I say…except I’m still working hard to bring buyers and sellers together each day.  I still work open houses, communicate with my buyers and sellers , list homes and work with buyers to make things happen.  It is what I do for a living.  Showings, offers to purchase, negotiations, closings are  everyday occurrences.  So business is good.  My job is to help you meet your goals.  I’m happy to interview with you, to earn your trust and business.

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