Inaugural Blog

Thank you for being part of this first newsletter.  I decided it would be great fun.  I hope that it will bring you information, an occasional chuckle, some fun and just a good way to stay in touch.  My life has always been about relationships.  I grew up with parents who schooled us (there were seven children) in the value of people, stories and the art of conversation.  The kitchen table and the coffee pot were the only necessities for my mom and dad.  I am grateful to them for having seen this lesson taught the most effective way, without words.  Practice what you preach, only use words if necessary (paraphrased from St. Francis ofAssisi)!

Life is good and I wish that for all of you.  Rising each day I hope to have the eyes to see this glorious world with a grateful attitude. There is always something to be negative or unhappy about but looking upon the world with gratitude is very different.  I hope to hear from you about your life, what you are grateful for and the stories of your day to day adventures.  Life is surely humbling but nothing connects us more.

Oh, yes, and real estate.  It is going well, but not without the bumps in the road.  Everyone who sees me wants to know how I am doing, how is the market, are things getting better, easier???  I always respond with the truth.  “I’m doing well.  I keep working and I am doing OK.”  So how are you?  More to come…

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