How is the Market???!!

In the last year, I have had real estate experiences that have never happened to me before in my business!!!  SOLD homes before they are listed!! Represented buyers to purchase homes that have not been listed yet and when they are listed, they become PENDED at time of listing!!!!

Yes, the inventory is low, very low, historically low and so buyers and sellers are turning to social media, neighborhood chats or just telling their friends, about their properties to sell or buy.   Or they do it by accident and chaos ensues!  So the market is great for homes that are well priced and in good condition. ….BE Prepared for a quick response to your home!  It helps to TEAM with a good REALTOR!
I am the mother of four adult children who are all extroverts, like me!  I often wonder what my husband thinks about having raised a family of noisy, busy, talkative thinkers!  He is a psychologist, so a perfect vocation for an introvert.  I love being around people and am energized by activity, phone calls, social interaction and just the daily life of being in my position as Realtor.  I love hearing from you!  Last month’s story of the Riordan Family evoked many sweet responses and messages to me, whether a note, quick email or a phone message.  Life is filled with such stories, of love an d suffering.  It is our human story and I am always very honored to have others share their story with me.  I thank you!

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