Happy Autumn!

Perhaps you are enjoying the beauty unfolding OR perhaps you are dreading the gathering of all those beautiful leaves once they drift downward?  Trees are amazing for all reasons, their beauty and uniqueness in variety, shape, their movement in a breeze or in a storm!. In the heat of the summer, notice the change when you walk into the shade of a tree! Immediate coolness!  I love the shadows that trees cast, particularly at night, when the light is subdued and the shadows so subtle.  But one of my favorite tree virtues are their different colors, each tree unique and unique within each season.  There is no imitation for the new green of spring leaves! When I moved, I had to remove many trees at my new home, mostly due to the emerald ash borer.  But I had an arborist come and inspect my remaining trees for health.  I had a tree that no one could identify.  The arborist said I have a sassafras tree in my front yard.  He asked permission to take a photo to post on their website because it was rare to see such a large specimen within a metropolitan area.  Sassafras trees do not usually thrive in densely populated areas, but I am excited to know the kind of tree it is.  As a child, I used to dig sassafras roots to make tea. I think it is considered a carcinogen today!

Fall has continued to be a busy time in the real estate market.  I think the article on page two gives an interesting perspective on the “spring market is best” theory!

Pricing is also very important in the selling of a home.  Well priced home sell quicker.  Price reduction show seller motivation.  Pricing is often the most challenging decision in listing a home, and of course, the more expensive the home, the longer it takes to sell as their are fewer and fewer buyers as the price point goes higher. But every home will sell!
Please, please VOTE!  Maybe you just want it all to be over, but I make this plea every election cycle.  I will be an inspector at my home precinct and from training and the media, we are told to expect record turn out.  Just an FYI, the ballot will be two sided.  Educate yourself about the candidates at all levels, especially the local levels.  In some areas there are referendum items.  Be informed!  VOTE!

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