Financial Winter

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Winter…short days with little sunlight, going and coming from work with headlights on, caution on ‘black’ road surfaces that disguise ice…and where is the appreciation of the seasons now? The excitement of the first hint of snow, the beauty of a snow fall, a cold, clear, starry night sky, the coming together of family and friends to celebrate holidays and special occasions (my mother-in-law turns 91 on Dec. 27th), and all the fabulous foods cooked for special feasts. I suppose like many things in life, you could say that winter is a mixed blessing. But it certainly makes one appreciate the joy of a place to call home. Making a home for one’s self and perhaps family is human nature, one of our most basic needs. Challenging economic times are like a financial winter. We are drawn toward simpler things: Our homes for the comfort they provide; Simple foods or special treats for special days to celebrate in our home. Homemade becomes the highest and best adjective! I encourage you to celebrate the gift of having a home…whether your one bedroom apartment or your dream home. It is the sentiment that makes our living spaces change from house to home.


Good health, fortitude to meet today’s challenges and an attitude of gratitude would be my ‘gifts’ to you this season and for the New Year.

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