February is Heart Healthy Month

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Everything turns to hearts in the month of February, but having a healthy heart is a year-round mission! Heart disease is the number one cause of death for Americans. We need to be educated about how lifestyle is the number one contributor to poor heart health AND something we can control.

I hope to encourage each reader to be proactive in choosing a lifestyle that encourages a long and healthy life.

The Real Estate Market has not let up with winter time, but most people assume it is slow. The inventory is down and homes are selling fairly quickly, if well prepared for the market. I have been very busy with my listings inventory selling well. It is a busy time getting ready for the ‘BUSY TIME’ of the Spring/Summer market.

I hope some of the information you find enclosed will help you in thinking about your own home. Caring for a home, maintaining it, watching your landscaping and keeping curb appeal current…the list can continue on and on! I am happy to help you make that TO DO list for preparing your house for market, even if you are on the 3-5 year plan or the one year plan. Prioritizing the work to be done can help you create a budget and develop a plan of attack! De-cluttering quickly becomes a most dreaded word and activity! But by sorting into the throw away, store/pack and donate labels, you will be surprised how quickly you can make your way through attics, basements, closets and drawers! One friend shared that she asked her children to sort and organize two big closets for her as a Christmas present. She was surprised by the gifts of new linens when her children saw the condition of her sheets and towels. A very thoughtful gift and a great way for adult children to assist parents!

So keep up the good work! Spring will find us soon and you can be ready to work outside and freshen your house from the long winter. Picking up litter has become even more of a passion for me. The winter thaw shows just how much trash is on our highways, byways, sidewalks, and roadsides. Help our city to look better by picking up the litter!

Happy houses turned into happy homes!

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