The North Winds Will Blow…!!!

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“The North Winds Will Blow…!!!”  This is a good summary statement of our winter weather and to some extent the real estate market.  If you read the paper, listen to the news, research on-line, how does one make sense of a 9.3% increase in pended properties, a 2.7% decrease in home sales but a stabilization of home prices???Lots of numbers but what does it all mean?  When you are attempting to analyyze any data, it is important to know the quantitative measure, ie…weeks/months, this year versus last year.  Lots of data is quoted/reported but most needs to be nuanced or  ’couched’ appropriately to make sure we are comparing or referencing like data.  So what to do when the real estate market remains challenging?  1) Remain optimistic and positive  INSERT QUOTE.  2) Work harder to meet the challenges of the market.  Sometimes it is sheer persistence and thinking outside the box and 3) communicate more with my buyers and sellers.  It is very difficult to read someone’s mind and very easy to reach the wrong conclusion without communicating what is really happened.  So that is my commitment to you my clients!

I am always happy to hear your questions, research and analyze information and be of service.  If you are interested in comparables for your neighborhood or another, have questions about your property taxes or just curious about a home you drove by today, just give me a call/email.  I will be happy to hear from you and get back to you with answers!  Stay warm!

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