Fall Traditions

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Autumn, Fall…changing of seasons, falling leaves, beautiful colors, huge pumpkins, decorative squash and bales of hay, first frost, apples and caramel dip…Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Many other traditions happen in the fall, like election day. I love working the polls, seeing friends and neighbors, but mainly out of respect for our freedom and the privilege to vote. I encourage you to be involved, be informed, enter into the discussion about local, county, state and national elections. When you watch the news or read on-line, you see citizens of far off countries who fight for the right to vote. They defy dictators and overthrow governments of oppression. Take the time to get in your car and drive to the polls to vote. VOTING is our civic duty, a right and a privilege. If you aren’t registered to vote due to a move or have never voted, I encourage you to go to www.indy.gov and make it happen for yourself. VOTE!

This is also a time of celebration for the Day of the Dead, honoring the deceased and their memory. The Mexican tradition celebrates the transition from this life passing into the next life. We remember, honor, and give thanks for our loved ones who have gone before us. Many traditions celebrate the deceased.

Thanksgiving….a reflection to be thankful for all we have. I encourage you to be involved as a sense of gratitude! Perhaps it is in volunteering. See the photo of the volunteers I recently captured in the act of sorting food at St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry, located at 3001 East 30th Street in Indianapolis. Good work, good conversation, and a job well done are the benefits of volunteering. It also makes our cities, neighborhoods, and communities stronger. Again, I encourage you to be involved! Look for your passion…and give back!

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