Daniel Scalf

Hello! My name is Daniel Scalf.  Currently I am a senior attending Indiana University, majoring in Finance. I will be graduating in May 2009 and entering the work force hopefully with a full time job. One of my graduation requirements beyond finishing school is to complete an internship. During my junior year I struggled to find an internship for the summer and began to worry if I would find one by the time school let out. As summer neared closer and closer, I was blessed to be offered an internship from Alice. I have known Alice and her family since the second grade and am best friends with her son Joe. Joe suggested to me a few weeks before the school year was over that I should get in contact with his mom and see if she would be willing to offer me an internship.  Alice spoke with her managing broker and shortly after I was employed! (Special thanks to Mrs. Patricia White!) I have been interested in real estate since I was a junior in high school after I met an owner of a condominium rental agency who turned me onto the trade. During my internship I learned more from Alice than I ever could have imagined. She not only taught me the starting steps to becoming a successful agent, but how to conduct myself professionally in the workplace. I was able to attend showings, an inspection, meet with other professionals that work in the industry, attend a Metropolitan Indianapolis Board of Realtors luncheon and philanthropy event, sit in on closings, prepare and analyze documents and much more. I was also very fortunate to be offered the office assistant position on Fridays. If you ever called the office this summer on a Friday, I was probably the person you spoke with first. (Thank you Angie for all your help and everything you taught me). Alice offered me much more than just an internship, but an opportunity to learn things about myself and how to build solid relationships with clients as well. She is a wonderful mentor and is sure to guide you in the right direction when purchasing a home.

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