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But we cannot be surprised because it is winter and we are inIndiana!

I think about all the things that have occupied our minds in the past year.  Flu, H1N1, the economy, housing market, economy, price of oil/gasoline at the pump, economy…(of course, the inauguration of a new president and our country’s first African-American, the death of Michael Jackson and a lot of other events have also consumed and occupied us).  I think there is general concern about how we are fairing with our economic struggles and our recovery.  I listen (radio, TV) and read (various mortgage brokers publications, IBJ, internet) and the consensus is that we are in a recession, which was predicted.  BUT on the housing front,  the first time buyer $8,000 tax  credit has had a huge influence on the market and is working very effectively to move the entry-level inventory that is presently on the market.  The National Association of Realtors was very pleased with the extension of the credit and of the expansion of the program to incentivize sellers with a $6500 tax credit.  Interest rates remain low and financing is strengthening in the market place.  Sometimes it feels like I eat, sleep and dream about real estate but the holidays were certainly a welcome time of rest, relaxation and enjoying friends and family.  I really appreciated having my adult children home and our time of being together.  It was a little crazy but that is a good kind of crazy!  Wishing you all the best in 2010!

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