7 Deadly Sins of Real Estate #5

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*Impatience* Earlier I have used this column to talk about our human foibles in this process of real estate transactions. Not listening, not preparing your property or yourself, lack of fiscal knowledge are a few examples of the 7 Deadly Sins of Real Estate. The most important aspect of buying, but particularly selling, in today’s market is patience. As a real estate broker, I will implement any and every means of preparing and marketing your home. It is a lot of work to have me coming into your home with suggestions, must do this, move that, etc… On a recent listing appointment, a gentleman homeowner said to me in response to my suggestions of moving the microwave stand in the kitchen and removing the overgrown shrubbery, “Over my dead body”. While I use the expression of deadly sins, I’m not interested in anything deadly!

This is a challenging market and I think the expression of ‘pushing through’ is a good one to use to talk about what sellers have to do today. Stay in touch. Talk about concerns. Keep current on the housing inventory, what’s new, what has sold, what did not sell and is it back on the market or staying off. All of these things help you to know what is happening with real estate. Comparing condition is another important aspect of looking at your home vs. the competition. How does is compare: updates, floorplan, curb appeal, overall price and price per square foot; then the more detailed comparison of appliances, quality, included or not, home warranty, amenities. For example; walk-in closets, dual sinks, size of bedrooms, etc…

Location cannot be changed, so the two variables we have are price and condition. If you have done all you can, then price reduction is the tool to get the offer. It is so challenging to remember that the list price is just the starting point. Price reductions are another tool “push through” the market to get the offer. But it often takes steel strength to ‘push through’ and make the sale happen. I would be happy to talk to you about it and assist you.

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